120mm x 38mm Fan & Water cooled radiator on a MDD G4

I decided to take some more drastic action to cool my second MDD. I picked up a Swiftech 120mm rad after seeing Andy Davisons mod on his MDD. As you may already know, I've made a dual 80mm radiatior mod to my other MDD, but after Andy confirmed that a 120mm x 38mm fan would fit & still allow the case to close I just had to give it a go. Andy will also have pictures up on his site soon also here.

The 120mm fan came out of a doner MDD that I picked up cheap for parts some time ago, but, any 120 fan will do because we are only going to run it at 5 volts. Details on how to do this are here. Cutting a 120mm hole proved to be quite difficult with a rotary cutting tool but a jigsaw set on the slowest speed & a metal cutting blade had the hole cut out in a couple of minutes. Don't rush this as a neat job is required if you ever wan't to sell your mac on, hey, who am I kidding, I never seem to sell macs, only accumilate more!

The pipe used to connect to the aquagate is tri-wall Goodyear Petrol hose from a car, there will be no evaporation from this little beauty. You will also need 4 good quality Jubilee clips.

The rad intake sucks air from the base of the case, but I wanted to really let the case breath, so I decided to drill a pattern on the side plastic panel. I worked the pattern onto a paper template first, then skewered through onto the panel. I then used the pillar drill at work to get a neat finish, it took some time but the results were worth it.

Idle temperature is 32 degrees in hot weather, hits 40 after a Doom 3 session, then drops down again to 32-34 degrees

Wireless 54g + Bluetooth on board

Whilst I was at it, I decided to build in Bluetooth & Wireless 54g to the inside of the plastic access panel. I decided to solder directly onto the boards, gently prizing the plastic shell apart. These are now hidden away where they can't get knocked, as I move this computer around quite a bit.

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