Noisy & Hot MDD's......

My Dual 1.42 MDD suffered from 2 main problems,

1. Noise

2. Excess Heat.


In solving the problem of Heat (see aircool your mdd) I had invadertantly created more of a noise problem. However much of the noise generated by the MDD comes from the stonking great big 120mm Delta fan.


The only way to get rid of this is to watercool.

BUT, the idea of water & computers together is not a good one!

Still this didn't stop Apple with the G5. The G5 is a fully sealed system so is less of a liability. My G4 system would have to have a similar principle.



The Brief:

The other task I set myself was that any system I used would not involve any case modification!

Also the whole project would have to look like it came from Apple looking that way! The system also must sound no louder than a G5. Of all the kits I looked at the MASTER COOLER AQUAGATE MINI 80 looked like the most interesting. A sealed system with a small radiator & 80mm adjustable speed fan looked like it might just fit. So out I went to my local computer emporium armed with a fistfull of dollars, well pounds actually.


Aquagate Mini pdf


This kit comes with a pile of proccessor mounting options for every P4, AMD 64, K7 going, all except for, yes you've guessed it, not anything Apple make.

SO....after much head scratching, a little ummmming & arrrring & several cups of coffee, I decided I'll just have to make some kind of adapter thingy to mate the waterblock to the dual 1.42 proccessors.

Anyway, we'll worry about that later!



Getting Started:

Right, that Deltas coming out for a start! Thats made some space, I looked at various options for mounting the fan & radiator but the one that seemed to fit my brief, ie not messing up the case, putting the rad right where I wanted it was to place the fan under the CD drives-blowing cold air from the inlet onto the rad sandwitching the Delta grill between the two items.

This also has the added effect of placing the two rubber hoses in exactly the right position so that when the drop down door is open or closed they are under no strain & do not kink. This also places the rad below the pump when the door closes, allowing air to pass unobstructed out of the back of the case.



Two Types Of MDD:

What I haven't told you yet is that I have 2 MDD's.


1. A dual 1.42 Giga Designs Upgrade (no longer available & this will definately void your warranty). This Page.




2. A standard Dual 1.25 from Apple (see Page 2)


I'll deal with the Giga Designs first as this was the first and easier of the two upgrades to do.


One of the base plates supplied with the kit (see picture) fitted this perfectly but needs a copper shim (see Pic 4.).


I don't own a milling machine but I know a man that does.......


2 finger tapping days later having drawn up carefully my copper shim and were back in business.

The shim covers both processors and needs the usual silver paste. This is held in position by the sticky surround on the Giga and then more silver paste between this & the pump.


The thickness of the shim needs to be 8mm and needs to run the length of the processors, widening in the middle to contact with the full width of the pump base (Pic 4.).The purpose of the shim is to make contact with the processors & the copper base of the pump. It acts in a similar way to the heat spreaders you see on Athlon 64's & P4's.


Having run this system for some time using the fan supplied with the Aquagate there was a slight whine from the fan, even though it is adjustable. The standard Giga fan which is slim is the ideal thickness to fit on the hard drive side of the radiator & is quiet. To cut a long story short I opted to fit this fan and an identical fan on the opposite side, sandwiching the rad between the two (see Page 2).


Two small 60mm fans were conveniently left in position, from a previous fan upgrade - see Aircooling Your MDD on Page . These also help with heat extraction although only run at 5v to help keep the noise down.


So all in all works well!


Giga Dual 1.42, currently running happily and clocked at 1.5 Gig & at a temp of around 33 degrees C.


Soon we'll see how high the venerable 7455B processor will go!


On to the next page an Apple dual 1.25 to be watercooled......

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