Like a Challenge:


This project is for anyone who wants a less than obvious PC. Also , maybe Microsoft will come up with a decent operating system someday, but hey don't hold your breath!


Choosing a Motherboard:


It's not all plain sailing here,you need a Micro ATX motherboard & only a few of these will fit.

My initial choice was an Asus K7V 8X-MX and it was with this motherboard that the computer was originally configured. However this only lets you use an Athlon 3000+ chip as the fastest option.

After a sugestion from The Red Dragon see his website link on Page 1this was changed to an Asus K8V - MX.

This allows for a Athlon 64 bit processor to be used up to 3700+ 754pin configuration which suited me fine.


Initial Preparation


The Metal posts that hold the Apple Digital Audio logic board to the case have to be removed, as they do not line up with a Micro ATX board. This can be done with a pair of sturdy pliers.

The IO outlet at the back of the case needs to be cut out also, I used a jigsaw with metal cutting blade. Don't go too mad here as you must leave some metal to fix your new fabricated IO panel to when you are ready.

You can now place your ATX board into position, I installed a graphics card and fixed this to the case to make sure the motherboard was just where it needed to be.

The next step is to fabricate some motherboard standoffs. The easiest method is to use small nuts & bolts dia 3mm do the trick and make your own.

Mark the drop down door carefully to work out the positions of the holes and then drill out.

You can then mount the ATX board.

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